Little Things that may be helpful to people running Linux.

static_route startup scripts for Linux, configured for Debian GNU/Linux.

You can find the page for static_route here


xterm-setter is perl script that will change parameters of your xterm. It will let you change the title -T, background -bg , foreground -fg, font -fn. on an active xterm just like you can when you launch and xterm. If you don't give it any arguments it will randomly change the background colour and do a poor job of geussing which forground colour to use (black or white).

This is shell script wrapping calibre's command line tools to allow automatic news updates to the Kindle. Calibre has a great converstion tool to convert websites & into ebook formats ebook-convert and a good collection of recipes to convert rss feeds into ebooks. Amazon now allows you to email documents to your Kindle to be delivered via whispernet. Calibre will let you leave it running and deliver documents to your Kindle using its scheduler. But if you want to have it run headless on your server via cron then you need a little script to make it work.
$ crontab -l
# m h  dom mon dow   command
17 05 * * * $HOME/bin/ >$HOME/.calibre-load-news.log 2>&1
13 04 * * 5 $HOME/bin/ economist >$HOME/.calibre-load-news.log 2>&1

So you are using something like chkrootkit and it tells you that you have 5 hidden proccesses and that you may have a rootkit installed on your system. You run ps and you notice, 5 process early on with PID 0, and they are all kernel subsystem. Well is nowhere near as good as chkproc in chrootkit, but it does tell you if something looks like a kernel thread rather than a "hidden process" and it checks if it can find something in your /proc/ that is not in ps -ef or in the directory listing. When you want a double check.


The basic idea behind spam-migrator is to have server side spam statistical spam categorization. This is useful for people that use lots of different clients. Web mail when traveling, mozilla mail on Linux, Outlook at work, and mutt from time to time. You want spam sorted, but not on the client. You can do this with bogofilter (, but you still have to train and correct it. This tool lets you use bogofilter (in theory some other program as well) in conjunction with an imap server that uses the Maildir ( storage mechanism such as (qmail or courier imap). You just train it by moving messages between folders on whatever imap client use like to use. You run the script from cron (say once per hour)
        # min   hour    day     month   dayOfWeek Command
	17      *	 *       *       *       /home/username/bin/spam-migrator
and it moves the email between mailboxes (pretty safely), and sends it through your training program. You can customize the program per user using the $HOME/.spam-migrator-rc, you can change any of the %config variables with a simple KEY = value syntax. Just make sure you subscribe to those folders so they show up in your client.


So you finally decided to convert you mh mailboxes into Maildir mh2Maildir did the trick for me. Sure mh is one of the best mail system ever, but the lack of being able to use it with IMAP and wacky mime support finally starts taking its toll on you. This script will NON-destructively convert your mh mail folders into QMail's Maildir format. This script does: convert the messages, convert deleted messages and mark them as deleted, maintain Reply flags. I used these to migrate users from sendmail & mh to postfix & courier-imap.

It has some bugs:

1) It does a poor job of guessing the date for random sequence number and file access/modification time. This doesn't matter for MOST mail readers because they look in the header and parse the header better than I do.
2) It doesn't respect the new flag for mh, everything it converts appears to be already read. I just didn't bother to figure it out.


Annoyed at recieving those big long requests for .exe and overflow exploits from IIS servers in your apache logs? Why not help the poor admins out and at least inform them that are infected and refer them to where to get updated. msg-infected-server.expect does that. It requires expect and is expect script. Just pass it the hostname it should send the message to. the (netcat version was too fast)

Sitting arround wondering new domain you need, now that the land grab domains are beginning to expire. Domain hunter is a high performance domain search tool. It checks top level .com, .net, and .org domains. and prints out which ones are available so you can go to joker and register them. It accepts multiple domains on the command line and checks them in parrellel. so download


AST Ascentia 810n XF86Config

Video Card specs

ATI Rage Pro Clocks and specs

Audio Card Info

Sound Blaster AWE 64, ISA Kernel Config

Same Gnome with settable seed

So same-gnome, is an amusing little desktop game. It is part of gnome and based on the KDE game "same game". You have a board of three different coloured tiles and you click on ones touching others of the kind causing them to dissapear. My patch lets you record the random seed or specify your own. So if you think you did really well you can share it with your friends. I also have a debian i386 package based on sid for it as well. Maybe someday this will be a mainstream feature and everybody can share in the same-gnome joy.